Our Story

How it all began.

Our story goes way back when our CEO (Hafsa) was a little kid herself. Her mother used to love dressing her up in cute clothes and accessories like bracelets, earrings and hair clips etc. Unfortunately, a wide variety of such items were not available in the market at that time and because of this she used to design them herself with beads, threads and sequins etc. This is why Hafsa also developed a lot of interest and liking for these accessories and started experimenting with her own designs and ideas.

As she grew up she had learnt a lot about crafting these accessories from the main designs down to the smallest details. Due to her research and experimentation of different techniques and styles of decorating those accessories she finally reached a stage where she decided to launch her own brand to make her designs accessible to everyone.

Our Vision

To Spread Smiles.

Hafsa is happily married and has two adorable kids who she dresses up differently everyday. She and her team welcomes you to their online store full of different accessories that you can use to make your kids look even cuter than they already are. Happy shopping!